Some news from the Island.

Team members are trying not to ignore any directions or propagation windows. They observe DX Clusters if possible. They noted some comments about ignoring SA or VK directions. Dear Friends, it is not truth.

In fact the very basic problem is that the QTH is separated from SA and VK by a few hundred metres high volcano rocks. VK9XSP can work stations from these difficult directions but very often SA or VK are not able to hear our signals. Team members were looking for a second QTH, with open direction to SA or VK. Unfortunately there is no such place with electric power and VK9XSP DXpedition has no power generators.

To work SA or VK with comfort and without problems it is necessary to locate the station on the other side of the Island – it will be good for SA/VK but of course such a QTH will be completely separated from other directions.

Step by step our DXpedition is coming to the end. The Team can still observe very good propagation to NA right after their sunrise and propagation window usually lasts for two hours. Then there is complete propagation blackout for some hours. Team members used these no-propagation periods to visit some interesting places on the Christmas Island.

The Team is in touch with the local Tourist Agency and they mentioned our DXpedition on their FaceBook page. Please visit: Christmas Tourism.

As we informed earlier – we are not able to make any corrections in our log. However we collect all requests and all of them will be reviewed after the DXpedition. Some requests are posted as comments on our website, some are sent to our Pilot Station SP5UAF – all questions and requests are forwarded to the Team Leader – Wlodek SP6EQZ. In the meantime if your are not sure about your QSO or if you can’t find your QSO in the online log, please work VK9XSP if only possible.

Some new pictures from the Christmas Island were uploaded to our Picture Gallery. Please visit:

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Last Modified: October 30, 2014

3 thoughts on “Update 2014-10-30

  1. DJ0GD/QRP Peter

    Many tnx to the SP Team and to the Sun.FB condx on 10 m,got
    new one on RTTY and just now cw QSO (vy FB sigs so easy )
    Here 5W to Vert.73 and a safe return

  2. Rich K7ZV

    Thanks for the news and updates. I am hoping the team will put some last minute effort into NA on 160 at your sunset time. I see you are coming on 160 well after our sunrise here on the west Coast (SR 1445Z). The few times you have been on early you have been heard by stations on the West Coast and you had many calling. 73 and have a safe journey home.

  3. brian fields


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