SP6EQZ (Wlodek). VK9XSP DXpedition Leader

Profession: Engineer of Electronics. Licensed since 1971

Previous DXpeditions: 3B7SP (St. Brandon Is., 2007), PJ5/SP6EQZ (St. Eustatius, 2010), PJ5/SP6EQZ (St. Eustatius, 2011), 5T0SP (Mauritania, 2012), J88HL (St. Vincent & Grenadines, 2013).

Member of the A1 Operator Club, SP DX Club and SN0HQ Team. Active DXer- DXCC Honor Roll, 9BDXCC, 5BWAZ,  and contester. Holder of a contest call SN9Z.

His contest station is located in Wojkowice (Silesia, Southern part of Poland).His favorite mode of operation is CW.


SP6IXFSP6IXF (Janusz). DXpedition co-leader

Previous DX activities: V51/SP6IXF (Namibia, 2002), V5/SP6IXF (Namibia, 2005), FS/SP6IXF (Saint Martin 2008), FJ/SP6IXF (Saint Barthelemy, 2008), OY/SP6IXF (Faroe Is., 2009), PJ5/SP6IXF (St. Eustatius, 2010), OZ/SP6IXF (Bornholm Is., 2011, 2013), PJ5/SP6IXF (St. Eustatius, 2011), PJ5/SO6X (St. Eustatius, 2011), 5T0SP (Mauritania, 2012), J88HL (St. Vincent & Grenadines, 2013).

Janusz lives in Wrocław (South-West part of Poland).He is a member of the SP DX Club and SN0HQ Team. His is an active DXer (DXCC 340/348, DXCC Honor Roll Nr 1.) and contester (contest call license SO6X). He built a contest station in Machnice (suburb of Wrocław).

His favourite mode of operation is phone. He can be heard on RTTY as well. Website (still under construction):



Previous DX operations: PJ7PT (Sint Maarten, 2012), 5T0SP (Mauritania, 2012). J88HL (St. Vincent & Grenadines, 2013).

Other calls: HF90Z, 3Z2EBG, SN70W, SN100DP, SO70N.He is a member of the SP DX Club and active DX-er (DXCC 340/348) and contester. Bogdan is also an active member of the SP2YWL  (SN2K/3Z2X) GALEON Contest Club.

His favourite modes of operation are CW and RTTY, but can be heard on SSB as well.



Previous DX operations: PJ7PT (Sint Maarten, 2012).

Member of the SP2YWL  (SN2K/3Z2X) GALEON Contest Club.

Licensed since: 2009



Previous DX operations: VU4AN/VU3RYG (Andaman Is., 2006), VU7RG (Lakshadweep Is., 2007) , TX5SPM (Marquesas Is., 2009), TX5SPA (Austral Is., 2009), 3XY1D (Guinea, 2011), A35YZ (Tonga, 2012), 5T0SP (Mauritania, 2012), H44G/H40T (Solomon/Temotu, 2013), J88HL (St. Vincent & Grenadines, 2013), 4S7DFG 4S7FRG 4S7LXG (Sri Lanka, 2014).

Jan prefers CW operation


SP3GEMSP3GEM (Jurek). DXpedition technical leader

Previous DX operations: VU4/VU3RWN (Andaman Is., 2006), PJ7PT (Sint Maarten, 2012), 5T0SP (Mauritania, 2012), J88HL (St. Vincent & Grenadines, 2013).

He is a member of the SP DX Club and SN0HQ Team. Jurek is a well-known DXer and contester. His favourite operation style is low band DXing. He is a world winner and holder of the top scores of several CQWW and CQWPX, mostly on low bands. Contest calls: SN3A, HF3R.

Website: (many pictures, especially impressive panorama pictures of his low band antenna system – TNX DL2OBO).


SP6FXYSP6FXY (Ryszard)

Profession: Engineer of Electronics

Previous DXpeditions: 5T0SP (Mauritania, 2012), J88HL (St. Vincent & Grenadines, 2013).Licenced since 1967.

Member of the SP DX Club.



Previous DXpeditions: J88HL (St. Vincent & Grenadines, 2013).

Licensed since 1970.

Interested in CW/SSB and contesting. Other interests: sailing yacht skipper, active mountain rescuer.Operator of SN9D, SP9PRO, SP9PZD.



Offsite support

Licensed since 1989.

Interested in CW, digital modes and contesting.Member of the SP5ZCC Club Team, SP DX Club, European DX Foundation, AGCW-DL.DXpedition experiences: 5B4/SP5UAF, MU/SP5UAF, LX/SP5UAF, LX5A, LX8M and CR1Z (Azores). Member of SN5Z, SN5W, SN0HQ and SO4M Contest Teams.

Tom is an off-line team member who helps with the preparation matters and also is the contact person during the DXpedition. He is also a webmaster of our website