We are trying to plan our operating frequencies considering common band-plans and operating plans of other DXpeditions which will be active during the same time. The table below presents our QRG operating plan. On 6 meters when the the band is open we will be listening up on SSB and down on CW.

 BAND     CW       SSB      RTTY
6m  50.105    50.105
10m  28.025    28.440    28.090
12m  24.900    24.970    24.915
15m  21.025    21.273    21.090
17m  18.085    18.125    18.101
20m  14.025    14.265    14.090
30m  10.115              10.138
40m   7.025     7.070
7.165     7.045
80m   3.525     3.793
160m   1.822,5   1.840


Due to activity of other expeditions our frequencies  can be different depending on possible interferences. We will always try to keep HAM Spirit in mind and to make our operating the most comfortble for all correspondents and also for all DXpeditions active on bands.