Update, 2014-10-27

VK9XSP took part in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest, making about 4.000 QSOs (mostly on higher bands). Most of the time there was one station active in the contest.

We could observe a kind of propagation blackout on Monday. We were trying 40 meters during the night after the contest but bands were very, very noisy. We could hear stations calling but it was very hard to copy and complete callsigns. Then right after our sunrise we had propagation opening to the U.S.A. on bands 17m – 10m and then there was complete propagation blackout and we could here no stations for some hours (regardless of a band). Then bands seemed to open again.

We are trying 6 meters but no QSOs on the magic band so far.

Update, 2014-10-24

Team members are in good shape and all operating positions work 24 hours a day. There are many requests for band or mode. Thanks very much for all suggestions. We do our best however we know it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Below are some pictures from our QTH.

VK9XSP antennas. From the left: phased 2el 40m, VDA, 17m/12m, spiderbeam, VDA 15m/10m. Phased 2el 80m and GP 160m are located on the cliff

VK9XSP antennas. From the left: phased 2el 40m, VDA, 17m/12m, spiderbeam, VDA 15m/10m. Phased 2el 80m and GP 160m are located on the cliff

Janusz SP6IXF caught a big fish. We have enough meal for the next week.

Janusz SP6IXF caught a big fish. We have enough meal for the next week.

Our ubiquitous friends..

Our ubiquitous friends..

Monday, 2014-10-20

Today in the morning (VK9X time) we built our 2el vertical array for 80 meters. In the evening we will build 2el vertical for 40 meters. The sun is so stron that it is almost impossible to work outside during the day.

Local conditions are difficult for the eastern regions of the USA. We have a high rocky mounts on the LP direction. In practice only SP directions can be used.

We started our Top Band operation yesterday and we worked many old and new friends. Thanks for so many good reports. We know that TB signal was quite strong in the US West Coast. We also worked many HAM friends from Poland and the first one was Chris SP7GIQ (SN7Q).

Now our beverage antennas are ready and we will be able to work more effectively on low bands.

The first batch of QSOs was uploaded to the ClubLog (the link to our ClubLog is in the right panel). Please keep in mind that there will be NO log corrections during the DXpedition. So please do not ask to make corrections in the log. We just have no time for such things during the DXpedition. If your are not in the log, call VK9XSP again.

Sunday, 2014-10-19

Today since the early morning we were working very hard with the antennas and operating positions. The sun was shining very strong and it made us even more tired at the end of the day.

We have one spiderbeam,VDA for 17m/12m, GP7 mutiband vertical (40 – 10 m) and 160m vertical. The top band antenna is located rigth at the Ocean and we hope it will work very good.

Four stations are ready and running. Tomorrow we are going to build verticals for 80m and 40m.

VK9XSP is active…

After a night spent in Singapore we were waiting for the flight to the Christmas Island. The plane was to start at 14:00 but there was a delay (3 hours) as the weather conditions were still bad. But finally we started our flight to VK9X.

Clouds were very, very low and it was not sure if it will be possible to land on VK9X. But finally everything was OK and we reached the destination airport on VK9X. The car was waiting for us there and everything on the island was perfectly organized by the tourist agency.

Right after coming to our QTH we started to build our antennas and operating positions. One station started operation very quickly (as you probably saw on bands and clusters). Other operating positions will be ready very soon.

Correction. Still on the way to VK9X

We have before informed that the Team landed on the VK9X. The information was based on a short message sent by the team leader – probably when they were still in the plane.

We know now (phone call from team members) that because of very bad weather the plane cound not land safety and the pilot decided to turn back. The plane landed in Singapore and is waiting for a better weather. Expected departue time: about 14:00 on Saturday.

On the Way to the Christmas Island

The Team VK9XSP is on the way. They started early morning on Thursday from Poland to Prague, Czech Republic. In the afternoon they had their filght by Emirates to Dubai. There is about 4 hours long stop and then in the Friday afternoon they will fly out to Jakarta. There will be about 6 hours long stop there but they have to move to another airport in the meantime and finally they will start their flight to the Christmas Island. The team have rented a car on VK9X in advance so they will drive right to their QTH then.

The Team received many requests about the Top Band and the Magic Band. Team members are experienced operators and they check and analyze propagation forecasts very carefully. You can be sure they will do their best to take advantage of all propagation openings.

Expected start of activity is October 18. Keep your fingers crossed and wish the Team good luck.

By the way… in the right panel of the website you can see a link to „Frequencies”… Consider this information as suggested frequencies which can change in real life. There are so many DXpeditions on bands now that probably it will be necessary to observe the bands and to find other clear frequencies. Please, observe DX Clusters but first of all listen, listen and once again listen…



The VK9XSP Team is ready. Their plane is almost ready

The VK9XSP Team is ready. Their plane is almost ready

We are ready to go!

During last month many things have happened on our preparation route.

By courtesy of WIA and ACMA we have got license with the special VK9XSP call sign which express our nationality origin and our previous expedition call signs.
We have fully booked and paid our accommodation on Christmas Island.
We will stay at Sunset Resort which is very well situated from the propagation point of view, very close to the Indian Ocean shore and with wide opening to nearly all direction (see below) and the owner is very friendly for radio amateurs.
Most of previous VK9X radio operation took place from this location.
We will fly from Prague (which is located closer to us as Warsaw) via Dubai to Jakarta and finally after some brake to Christmas Island. This connection is not the cheapest one but was chosen due to comfort and security reason in order not to loose our luggage on the way.
It would be a disaster for us as the flights take place once a week only.
It is very long trip – it takes nearly 40 hours one way with few stops over.
Most of equipment is ready for use from our previous Dxpedition anyhow we are testing it again and working on some directional vertical antennas with take off radiation angle optimal for the most remote places on the globe which seems to be US east coast this time.
At the time of planning of our expedition we didn’t expect such big activity from VK9X this year as has happened. Some of stations have operated this spring and will operate before our arrival to the island but we believe that some piece of cake will stay for us as well.
We would like to express our gratitude for the enormous help given to us by Christmas Island Tourism Association and very useful information published on their web page http://www.christmas.net.au/


Our location

Rozmieszczenie anten VK8X_1

Our Antennas farm


VK9X’ Azimuths