Update 2014-11-03. OQRS works again. Team members are back home

VK9XSP Team members started their return journey from the Christmas Island on Friday (31.10) to reach Poland late night on Sunday (02.11). After three days long travel, with two airport changes they were very, very tired. But the most important thing is that they are back home safety.

Wlodek SP6EQZ made necessary configuration changes at the PayPal account and the OQRS system works again. Sorry for temporary problems.

More info soon…

Update 2014-11-01. OQRS/PayPal Problem

We have received some alarming emails that it is impossible to use OQRS. In fact the “problem” is with PayPal system. PayPal has introduced new formal rules recently (due to new IRS rules) and it is necessary to give some new, additional, required data in the PayPal account configuration. The only one person who can do that is Wlodek SP6EQZ. He is on the way from VK9X back to Poland (together with other members of the VK9XSP Team). He is not able to check his emails on regular basis at the moment.

So please QRX!!! I am trying to inform all Team members about the situation. I am sure once Wlodek is able to check his mail and log in to the PayPal account the OQRS will start working again.

Tom SP5UAF – VK9XSP offsite support